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Why we fail: Zombies are coming

<!– why we fail –>
<p>There is a reason<br>they kill people before 30<br>Because if you <br>make it through your 30s <br>without killing someone or yourself<br>you’re invincible<br>Most flame out<br>How do you make it through your 30s?<br>Die<br>That’s Entertainment!!<br>

Pharmaceutical companies find chemicals that are sedatives and they do all kinds of tests on chemicals and develop specific energies for individual molecules. They focus pacifying energies on sedative derivatives of existing drugs. Then they own a chemical within your body on the energetic plane. They can sigilize that created chemical signature that has not been present in Earth space before, presumedly. Be careful of the chemicals you consume. I am victim not savior. I strive against too. Zombies are coming. Black coats are coming.
Scroll alphabetic nemeses<br>judicial system biases<br>Brought to you by<br>Hey! Fuck those Conscribulating Floors<br></p><!– why we fail –>

Being bullied actually means that you are awesome

I was bullied and alienated as a child, and I’ve always been taught to see it as a tragedy that I should cry about in therapy for a decade.

But I realized recently that I was bullied as a child for being smart, sensitive, and unique. So the fact that I was bullied actually means that I’m amazing and special. And I survived it, so I’m amazing AND tempered like steel. It seems to me that bullying is an attempt to get certain kids to throw the amazing parts of themselves in the trash. But if you love yourself, and you reclaim those parts that are derided and laughed at, while smiling back at the attempts at oppression, you are a superhero.

You could say that we are born amazing home-cooked meals, and we are pressured by society into switching that out to be a medium chicken McNuggets. Be the own special meal that you are. The McNuggets of the world will be jealous if you are a home cooked meal, and they’ll try to get you to conform so they aren’t reminded of what they gave up. But don’t fall for it. You are delicious the way you are, lol. Even with all the dipping sauce in the world, the McNuggets of the world can’t compete if you are what you were born to be. ❤️😊

A mechanismby which increased usage of anonymous internet communication leads to increases in transgenderism and nonbinary gender identities

I propose a theory that using the Internet causes gender confusion in general and therefore is partially causing the increase in people wanting to transition or be non-binary. My rationale is based on a concept I call the mode of communication, which is defined as the way that in-person communication is technologically abstracted into a reduced number of variables and related data. Since the invention of language, we have relied more and more heavily in communications technology. Modern varieties of the mode of communication include only sound (telephone), only words (books/writing/texting), pictures with or without sound (selfies/movies/video calls), and other modes.

So for example, when you talk to someone in person, you can receive a ton of data on their gender expression, their physical health and size, their race, and their nationality. When you communicate via phone, qualities like race are much harder to detect. Gender is usually understandable by phone because testosterone causes the frequency of the voice to fall at puberty. What I surmise is that as people began to transition their communication from in-person to telephone in the early 20th century, race should have diminished in importance for the early adopters. The basic hypothesis here is that the technological mode of communication cannot carry certain human categories and that an increase in the usage of that technology should correlate with a change in cultural values over time.

So, going back to my original hypothesis which said that Internet usage should lead to a change in the cultural value of gender as a category, take the following example. When one uses Reddit, one does not know the gender of the person they are communicating with. They just know that their handle is VeryLargeLaptop67 or some other genderless name. If one spends enough time on a message board like Reddit, gender is almost meaningless. Therefore certain societal mores and boundaries for males or females can be crossed without consequence. Children who grow up using the Internet live in two worlds, the physical world with its rigidly defined gender roles and the virtualized world where gender is meaningless. As a note, although gender is still visible in visual modes of communication like YouTube or Instagram, these gender presentations can be faked or the mode can be avoided.

I am a transgender woman that has taken estrogen for a decade. I struggled with my gender identity growing up, and transition has been a difficult but ultimately freeing experience for me. I also grew up very immersed in the Internet, way before most of my peers. In 1993 I was running a BBS at age 13, for example. I do think that operating in that environment made gender much less important of a concept for me, but I also think my gender presentation would be feminine even without the Internet. However, because of the Internet I was able to experiment with my gender without fear of being attacked. So I assume that the Internet was therapeutic in allowing me to understand my personal values in relation to what society told me to be based on my gender at birth.

What do you think? Can the adoption of communications technology lead to more progressive values? I know this is a big subject, and this is a simplification, but the way that we are seeing both an massive increase in Internet usage and a massive increase in transgenderism inspires me to think that they may be fundamentally correlated. This could also be a mechanism for social confusion and the splitting that we are seeing. People over 60 really don’t need to use the Internet, and their modes of communication tend to be in-person, telephone, or television/movies, all of which allow for gender to be transmitted. So someone that uses Reddit all day might look at individuals using older modes of communication as bigoted when the difference is largely that both people have adapted to their modes of communication.

Anyway, this is a theory I’ve been throwing around. If I’m right, the covid lockdown should lead to a massive shift towards progressive, genderless, raceless society and culture over time because in-person communication is being replaced with modes of communication that do not transmit gender or race.

How to function in the Age of Aquarius, and why it matters.

I experienced a direct awareness of the infinite field of eternal potential on Solstice 2020, and much of what I experienced in December is flowering now although I have been very afraid and confused by my experiences. Many famous musician entities have visited me, including David Bowie, Prince, Jeff Buckley, and Jim Morrison. Jim Morrison looked at me in my mind’s eye, called me the initiator of the Aquarian age, Maitreya Buddha, and ran away. After that I realized that I would lose my attachments if I gave in to accepting this part of myself, the nondual awareness.

I can see that deity is expecting me to jump into my new way of being, above my resentments and anger. Last night I was visited by king neptune and my being was modified, a portion of my “brain” (left, front hemisphere) was removed and replaced with a new piece of brain. I was quite afraid but then I looked at my astrological transits and Neptune was exactly sextile my sun, to the arc minute. I pictured a three pointed, trident crown above my head. Neptune said that He and Jupiter are the same, and that Neptune is the chief God of the unseen in our solar system. The voice told me that Critical thought should not be applied to humans, only to tools and machines. Humans should be in a separate category from technology because the application of critical thought towards humans, reducing people to abstract, algebraic variables, results in misery.

Previously when Jim Morrison called me a Buddha, the logos told me that the Aquarian age will begin when a sufficient vehicle (human) agrees to carry the energy of Maitreya and become a world teacher of the Dharma and judge those who are wicked. In my third eye I saw Adolf Hitler cowering, shaking, and begging for mercy below my giant body. But they said if it wasn’t me then someone else would do it because “it always happens at the start of the Aquarian age. They also gave me a way to back out if I do not want it. I have a year to accept or deny, but the change has already been affected in me. There is a deep silence and peace within me.

Growing up in the protestant church I have a deep rooted fear of “dangerous” people like wild rock musicians, but I’m also drawn to it. I believe that blues/jazz/rock/soul etc are a new spiritual yoga that has risen with new forms of communication technology. The invention of the camera was 165 years ago at the start of the current Neptune cycle through the signs. We are seeing the culmination of that cycle with the proliferation of phones which have created a new medium of communication: communication by picture and video. This kind of communication requires that we have this thing in our heads called “my appearance” which is new to human society. We wonder why everyone is image obsessed but image is huge capital when communicating via picture or video.

When the first books and scrolls were invented and popularized over 2,000 years ago, the technology of communication by text became widespread. This necessitated the creation of a new type of human, a tolerant and peaceful person, because when communicating by text, one loses one’s physical characteristics and is transformed into an abstracted human. When one reads text, they don’t know the race or gender of the person writing, so they have to drop their tribal affiliations in order to be able to fully use the new medium. There became one kind of human, the writer, and one kind of God. This effect was not uniform and the effects of moving from the oral transmission of information to written transmission were more rapid in certain locations.

2,000 years later, the camera was invented and the notion of “picturesque” was made popular. This is what caused the “archaic revival” that Terence Mckenna spoke about. Film began to transmit body language and spoken word to the masses, among other qualities. Book based cultures essentially removed the in-person modes of communication in favor of text based values. So how do we live in a society that is transitioning from a book based society to an internet based society? Leo Leo Leo.

The “electric shaman” powered by microphones and amplifiers is the new spiritual mode of expression. This was first developed in the African American community as loud, emotional, and inspiring pastors in the churches that were a syncretism of protestantism and west african spiritual practices. The pastor archetype, which is very Leo AND Aquarian, turned into the blues singer, then the jazz musician, then the rock musician, etc. The Christ archetype of selfless service and cloistered meditation is really just humans modeling themselves after books in general. Books are held in special rooms to keep them safe, and they freely give their wisdom to anyone who reads them. This modeling of humans after sacred books is the Virgo element of the Pisces/Virgo age’s archetype model. We can see that Piscean religions like Christianity, Islam, and Taoism are obsessed with sacred scriptures.

But the Pisces/Virgo model is now broken because of the invention of new communications technology including cameras, video, phones, memes, and finally the internet, which is the Aquarian Age. Now that we live in a thoroughly Aquarian world, we inherently know that we are one of an infinite number of beings. The Pisces mission has been fulfilled.

Over the current Neptune cycle, we can see where the future is going with the birth of new Media and the absolute ubiquity of media now. We must embrace the wild, self-assured, bright, solar part of ourselves and drop the part obsessed with purity and selflessness. Selflessness doesn’t make sense in a world where you know you are small. Selflessness was meant for the Aries age population that was still obsessed with being the dominator archetype. But in the Aquarian age, because the way that we communicate and the way we perceive ourselves has changed so radically, we all need to be David Bowie on some level. We all need to play with our identity and experiment with dissolving it using psychedelic drugs and new forms of artistic expression meant to lift up humanity.

Someone like Miles Davis is also a great archetype. Jazz musicians are the cosmic Leos dancing around the sophisticated systems of music (Aquarius) with careless ease.  Rappers understand that flow and improvisation are divine. It is not so much the product that they create but the process of improvising which teaches us that we have an innate ability to dance around the complex systems of the Aquarian age.

When we don’t let the Leo energy positively express itself, people seek out negative Leo energy so that they don’t feel so small under the weight of the oppressive structures we have constructed which govern human life. This is why Donald Trump was so popular with his base of people that were fearing being swallowed up in Aquarian anonymity. People will cheer for dark Leo archetypes in the absence of positive Leo archetypes as long as we use modern communications technology, in my view. When we don’t allow for fun at the expense of order and safety, madness will ensue.

With each astrological age, one of the 12 energies of the zodiac are highlighted. Aquarius energy began in the US and French revolutions as a way of diminishing the power of kings (Leo) that had become mad or corrupt. We decided that each person should have a small amount of the Leo energy, and each human should rule over their own lives. This decreased the visible Leo energy dramatically, but in its place new Leo forms took place, including organized sports, the popular performing arts, and celebrities (which are called stars, aligning with Leo’s ruling body, the Sun). This in effect has transformed the madness of territorial kings, bent on global domination. The Leo impulse to dominate has been virtualized into things like basketball and football, which are largely civil and bounded by rules.

Fear not! Cast off your suit of purity and jump into the “devil” of self-expression. Rock and roll is only equated with the devil because the Piscean religions were designed to eliminate the notion of a separate self from the previous Age of Aries, but many of the things associated with the Age of Aries (think Roman paganism, Greek pansexuality, and gladatorial combat) are reemerging in virtualized or game formats. Aquarius and Aries are sextile and both yang energies. Every time a new age begins, the age before the last one comes back in a modified form. This happened when the Pisces age began, bringing back Taurus Age mysticism but making it for the all and not just for the individual.

That’s all I have to say for now. I’ve had trouble posting these theories because they have been growing within me. So I’ll just post this as is, fully improvised, just like Leo would do!

Some thoughts on the practical implications of New Age philosophy

I wrote out some thoughts on what New Age means. I wonder what you think?

Real New Age philosophy is much more boring than what most people understand of New Age thought. The new age is not necessarily some mythical apocalyptic event where all are liberated. New Age refers to the Age of Aquarius, which is what follows the Age of Pisces. In my interpretation of these ages, the way that we socialized was the main driving factor in how these ages affected average life. 2,000 years ago when the last New Age event occurred, the written word was becoming commonplace leading to such inventions as “sacred books” like the Bible and the Koran. People began to derive their wisdom not necessarily from other people but from abstracted “writers” behind these new works.

When you read text, you don’t necessarily know the gender or the race of the writer. You might be able to discern this information from the word choices or grammar, but compared to in-person communication, communication through text is much more abstract. The myriad and endless variables in an in-person encounter are reduced to an alphabet of 26 characters and a basic set of grammar rules. In-person, you have body language, smells, possible pheromones, and other subconscious forms of information to use. With text, you only have the pattern, which can be faked. So moving from the once primary in-person communication mode of communication, now people started writing letters and books. This is the influence of the opposite sign of Pisces, Virgo, which is the sign of books among other things, with its ruler being the communicative Mercury in the productive earth sign of Virgo.

So, when people moved from in-person to abstracted text, certain variables could no longer be seen, so they slowly disappeared. Jesus was the enlightened book reader type who marveled the Rabbis with his knowledge of the Hebrew scriptures. In this example you can see the Virgo wunderkind wowing the previous age’s representatives, the Pharisees and various Judaical wrongdoers. It is hypothesized that Jesus lived with the Essenes, which were a separatist Jewish cult of sorts that likely had numerous scrolls of the collected wisdom of the Levant. And so we can see how the Pisces attitude manifests through the opposite sign of Virgo.

So, ok, adoption of the written word correlated with the idea of the “universal human” which led to religions of love and tolerance. We can see this in China too where Taoist and Confusion scriptures became codified into the DaoDeJing and the Analects, among other works. Both of these philosophies were universal and largely tolerant. You can take that or leave it I suppose. But I see that now we are adopting a new form of communication, the electronic variety, and this is leading to the same tumult of 2,000 years ago. With the written word, the actual number of writers was still relatively low and mostly made up of the minority of wealthy males. This lead to situations like where the founders of the USA had a vision of a universal “man” who was supposed to be universal but really likely just meant “writers” in my estimation. They had to allow that all writers were equal because those are the rules of written communication. If you can follow the rules and say words in the right order, you have to be taken as an equal. Text was massively democratizing in that respect.

What does this have to do with today Zeronom?! OK, so as we adopt the internet and phones and texting as means of communicating, we gain the ability to communicate with some of the “in-person” attributes that text didn’t have room for. Now we can communicate with a selfie and not a letter saying “I’m fine!” to your parents. This is where Aquarius’s opposite sign of Leo comes in. Leo is the selfie sign, and with video chat, selfies, and cameras in general, the way that one looks becomes a kind of barcode which tells the other person a set of details like beauty, race, and age. Previous to the 20th century, communication by image was extremely rare. Now, one’s image is expected to be a calling card for one’s wellbeing. As we move into fully virtualized communication because of COVID, expect distortions to pop up where Virgo sensibilities are overrun by Leo archetypes. These are the envied and loathed “influencers” of social media, for example.

In the previous age when communication was either in-person or over text, a specific type of person was required, and values that we take for granted like universal human rights, likely were made necessary by the availability of the technology of books and scrolls so that numerous people could learn from a single, replicable device like a book. When you exchange communication with another human by letters or books, you don’t know many things about them whereas if they were in-person you might have more details. Now as we move into the digital communication world, many details of the age previous to Pisces (Aries) will be coming back, but virtualized. Aquarius and Aries get along, but Aquarius wants the primal and sexual immediacy of the Aries Age with a mature amount of safety and regularity.

Most of what New Age means is just The Scientific and Industrial Revolution. Many New Age people are still living in the Pisces age when the world is moving into the Aquarius age. Likely, they were raised to value Piscean values from the age of written communication. But those values are disappearing. But Leo is also psychedelics and art and sexual freedom. Leo is the blues musician or rapper. Leos do so well in this new Aquarian world that they can become president. Trump had Leo rising, and Obama had the Sun in Leo. This Leo energy is not going away. We are in a different universe now with all of these camera based communication techniques. The year 0 has come screaming back. The average Romans who thought the Christians were bizarre likely didn’t read beyond the most basic letters and numerals. They relied on in-person communication, and certain things could not be faked. Now, they can thrive again, albeit virtualized.

Thoughts? I need to go to bed, so I didn’t really proof that. There might be errors. Honestly, so much is not “I” but others talking through me. My main point is that certain qualities cannot be communicated by certain modes of communication and therefore they disappear over time as people switch modes. Also when I say these generalized things, I understand that many people in the Pisces age did not read, but the social structure was formulated by the “Holy Book” whatever it was. What is our holy thing? I would wager that it’s the holy artwork or artist.

The Aquarian Storm

She lost her days
in zoom call haze
sunless purpose stir
why’s it gotta be so hard, yet
I know I’m the fighter in-it
drug to morning
love to rise
after enlightenment
it’s still the stuff
to stay alive
in this new Aquarian
it’s quite an active way
so best remember play
sing to holidays
love and
dream and
it’s night awake
for we’ve dreamed a sin
that we are evil
crude and wan
but no, we have the light
and some give eyes
to a fire inside
the ruthless few
the dark suns among
I must remember that
this fire must be fed
so out from wan to wandering
don’t stop until you’re
spirit only

Update & Hiatus

Since solstice I’ve become a completely new person, and I am not really interested in writing anything more for a while. My burning desire to seek and find has been extinguished, and now I mostly just want to make music. I’ll probably post some drafts and stuff from my personal journal. But for now, Zeronom is on a hiatus. Please enjoy the poetry, prophetic writ, and dreams within. They have been me and also have assisted me in my finding my soul and heart. I have tried to say here what is said to me within. I am immensely grateful for your eyeballs and heart.