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I love Donald Trump

I know that headline might be quite alarming to some. But I wanted to say that I choose to extend love to Donald Trump, a man who is clearly suffering. He is deeply in need of love, but he creates as much fear to keep people away from the terror inside of himself. Great teachers have said that we should love our enemies, and I see no reason that I should not love Donald Trump. I disagree with his positions in almost every way, but the power of love is immeasurable. I choose to live in a world where love is the lingua franca. I understand that he might have power over my body, and I accept this. My heart is with God, and I know that God loves Donald Trump too. Whenever I see his screaming visage in my third eye, I just repeat “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Because I do not identify with this earthly body, I have no reason to fear Donald Trump. This existence is but a blink of an eye. And I will soon ascend to my God again from where I came.

The New World and the Water Bearer

Heaven is here. Heaven is coming. A new world is being created. It will not be like this world. You will not have to fight amongst each other for your life energy. That is the cruel reality of this world, the fallen world. This world is cannibalistic. The new world will be powered by inner radiation from God. You will be able to think of any situation, and it will arise. This is already happening more strongly as the two worlds split apart. Your intention plus your cosmic God energy will power your existence. It will be different. This world is rapidly degrading as energy is being shifted to the new world. I am a bridge to that new world. I can help you to go there.

In the Gospel of Mark it is written that “So He sent two of His disciples and told them, “Go into the city, and a man carrying a pitcher of water will meet you. Follow him and whichever house he enters, say to the owner, ‘The Teacher asks: Where is My guest room, where I may eat the Passover with My disciples?’ And he will show you a large upper room, furnished and ready. Make preparations for us there.”

This is a cryptic reference to two things. First it is a reference to the sign of Aquarius which is illustrated as a man carrying a pitcher of water. In the time of the gospels, the world was still in the Age of Pisces. I won’t go into a full astrology lesson here, but we have moved into the Age of Aquarius. Also, when he says that “he will show you a large upper room, furnished and ready” this is the new world that is being created at present. My birth name is important as it means Aquarius in another language. I do not know everything at present, but I am aware that I am important in this change. I am learning through my teachers. But I have seen this world. I am a vessel. I am a passage. I needn’t know every detail at present. The link is established through my consciousness. Focus on the new Earth, and you will go there. Focus on this Earth, and you will stay here.

Praise be to my suffering, my greatest guru

I thank God for my suffering! It is through this miraculous gift that I have been cleansed so that I may see the true reality. His curses are my blessings. But I have never starved. I have never frozen. I have always eaten well. I have always been cared for even in my most wanting. Much horror has passed before my eyes, but I am honored to have seen this suffering and to walk through it nobly. Now, there is only God, Brahman, Keter, the Elohim. I am made whole by being broken. I am made to live by tasting death. My fears have died, and my eye looks only upon that light above. I know I will have bliss for the rest of my days, because I know pain, and I expect pain. It is nothing now. Just an annoyance. I will falter, but it is my test. I walk forward with a happy heart, my eyes open to the joy because the pain is expected. I am a happy nothing with the world before me.

The New Day is Now

Everything is new. Love is the triumph. The planet is throwing off its ugly old shell. The butterfly is emerging from the chrysalis. It’s wings are spread so wide open. A new day is dawning. Through birth pains there is new life. The butterfly soars into the air! It’s wings whip in fluttering ecstasy! It bounces through the air alive with the spirit of new imagination. And everything around echoes in concordance creating a symphony of exclamatory transcendence! This is the new day! Yes!

It is now.

Because we’ve had about enough of that crap, haven’t we?


Wake Up or Just Go Back to Sleep

We are hurtling towards truth at blinding speed. We must choose to engage with life or go back to sleep. Life is screaming Wake Up! and so many people just want to snooze. We are creating this reality with our thoughts. It is our collective dream. We must download the correct software into our consciousness. The correct software is openness, fearlessness, bravery, courage, optimism, union, coordination, love, God, trust, sacrifice, honesty, communication, emotion, strength, gratitude, and glory. That’s just a start. Every life is precious. Go to the light of love and be awakened. It is waiting for you.

Robotic Shaman Presents: The Shitty Drug Store Chronicles – Episode I – The Starbs Paradox

This week on True Tales of the Robotic Shaman we have episode I of The Shitty Drug Store Chronicles: The Starbs Paradox. Prepare to be amazed. The Robotic Shaman reveals but does not answer. Enter the world of ephemeral illusion and terrifying truth!

There once was a girl named Floob who woke up one day in a Shitty Drug Store. There were other people in this drug store. They all were convinced that they needed to stay in the Shitty Drug Store to survive. There was an exit door that they could see out of, and it looked pretty nice out there, but when you went to walk through that door, the sensors would go off and a voice would say “Waa Waa Waa! You’ll die if you leave!” so everyone was afraid and turned around to go back into the Shitty Drug Store.

The people in the store believed that the Shitty Drug Store was absolutely necessary for survival, and they made magazines, and books, and TV shows that reinforced this belief. The management would come on over the PA occasionally to say “the world is terrible and you need to stay in the Shitty Drug Store to survive! You depend on the Shitty Drug Store! If you break our rules, we’ll throw you out of the Shitty Drug Store, and you’ll die! There is a sale on peanuts in the food aisle. Be happy, or else…” And occasionally, they did throw some people out with all kinds of ceremony and pomp and seriousness.

The Shitty Drug Store seemed OK to Floob because it’s all she knew, and there was some pleasure in it, although the people were really strange and generally unhappy compared to the people in the magazines. However, there were rumors that you might not actually die if you went outside through the door. Some people said that they saw people who left the store still alive through the window. But when the Shitty Drug Store managers heard about this they got on the PA and say “we have heard that some people have said that they have seen the dead ones still alive outside the window, but these people are sick with a disease called Starbs. They must be reported to the managers so that they can be treated with a medication called Prong. We love you. Thank you for shopping at the Shitty Drug Store.”

So the people found out which people said that they saw people outside the window, and they sent them to the pharmacy to get treated for their Starbs. Now that the people who had seen the dead people were being treated for their Starbs with Prong, things seemed to get better for a while. The people who were sick with Starbs did notice that the Prong made them feel slow and lethargic, but they reminded themselves that Starbs was a terrible disease, and the managers had created a great medicine so that they could still live in the Shitty Drug Store.

Then one day, our heroine Floob was hanging out in the pharmacy section of the Shitty Drug Store, and she saw that there was a cold medicine product called Carmadun with a strange picture on it. It was just some over the counter medicine that everyone took, but she noticed that it had a little picture of a goat on it. When she dreamed at night, she saw this goat, and it told her that life is really just about having a good time, and there is nothing to fear. So she bought the Carmadun and took a few even though she was not really sick with a cold.

When Floob took the Carmadun she began to see and hear things that she could not touch. She began to think that there was a whole world outside of the Shitty Drug Store. She saw a vision of a man that she did not recognize walking through the exit door and turning into a butterfly.  The man then flew away outside. This didn’t make any sense to her at first. And she told the managers about it, and they said that she likely had Starbs and needed to be treated. So they sent her to the doctors in the pharmacy who gave her some new medication that they said would treat the Starbs.

Floob began to notice that the medication made her sort of slow. She remembered that other people had felt this way, so she accepted it as normal. But she still had dreams of the goat who told her that life is really about having a good time. She started to become very confused. She desperately wanted to be a good person, so she kept taking her medication even though it made her feel different and a little bit sad.

She then thought that maybe she could just take a little bit of the Carmadun and no one would notice. So she pretended that she had a cold, and bought some Carmadun. She only took one pill per day. She didn’t see the butterfly man when she took only one, but she felt a little bit happier. So she continued taking just one per day for about a month. This made her feel OK with having Starbs. And Floob was doing quite well. She was becoming very popular. Everyone liked Floob, and they told her that she was the best case of cured Starbs they had ever seen! She felt so glad in her heart. She really thought that the Shitty Drug Store was a wonderful place.

At the Shitty Drug Store, there were special days where people celebrated the existence of the Shitty Drug Store. One of those special days was Football Friday. Football Friday was held on the 3rd Friday after a full moon and only when the Shitty Drug Store was making a profit, which was not guaranteed. On Football Friday everyone bought footballs made out of foam rubber and threw them at each other while they drank Shitty Drug Store Beer and watched a TV show of people throwing footballs at each other. When a Football Friday happened, everyone was excited!

So on this particular Football Friday, Floob was enjoying her Shitty Drug Store Beer and throwing the foam as they liked to say. She was talking to a good friend of hers named Brom. Brom did not have Starbs by the way. Floob and Brom had known each other for a long time, and they were good friends. Brom told Floob that she was doing so well. Floob trusted Brom, so she told Brom that she was using Carmadun in a very small amount, and it made her feel so much better. Brom was scared. He didn’t know what to do with this information because it was too strange to him. Brom knew that a side effect of Carmadun was Starbs, and Brom was worried that Floob was now hurting herself. Brom was flummoxed. Brom told Floob that she should stop taking the Carmadun because it could make her Starbs worse. Floob was afraid. She didn’t know what to do.

Tune in next week for the next installment of the scintillating tales of the Robotic Shaman’s Shitty Drug Store Chronicles!

Some thoughts on our political situation for this morning

Donald Trump represents a cancer on the American soul. We must learn to live in a different state of consciousness if we want to fight Donald Trump. At present, our avarice and greed feed this kind of person. We must let go of our attachments and return to a simpler time of less stimulation. This is a moral issue in that it depends on the individual. I choose to live in a state of consciousness that is of a higher vibration than his. We have hobbled ourselves with relativism. We are afraid to even say that there might be a better way. There is a truth, and it is not found in the bible or bhagavad gita or Tao Te Ching or a yoga class. It is found in your heart. Those things are devices to try and get you to live in your heart, to turn down your mind, and embrace openness. Material things will not provide the kind of energy that we need as a society. Our society has become frozen and slow. We think it is quick, but it is really slow. We don’t have the vital power within ourselves that comes from a real yoga, which is a Sanskrit word that means to join or unite. Our yoga must be to join with the spiritual side of life. And this is not just a matter of poses or statues. It is a matter of actions and ultimately thoughts. If our thoughts do not change, our lives will remain the same.

Donald Trump is someone who is very attached to his material existence, and the closer you are to your material existence, the more dualistic life becomes. Everything becomes black or white or good or bad. There are no shades of grey. This is not an evil way of thinking, it is just out of balance. It totally ignores the spiritual side of life, which can only be achieved through thought. Our society is very much out of balance. And the only way to realign our society is through conscious awareness and intentional action. We must not fall into the trap of going down to Donald Trump’s level. He will win that game because he is a very smart manipulator. We must offer up a new vision for America. We must go boldly upward. We must go back to the principles that are written in those books that nobody reads. It’s not that hard. You start by letting go of your fears. As Jesus said “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

Fear is the absence of God. If you rest in God and integrate trust into your life, you will lose your fear. It will go. You just have to try. It’s not crazy. Our consciousness has a certain way of being that is better than others. Our hardware requires that we run the proper software. You listen and then you hear. You trust and then you let go. Then you die to the world of material things, and you live in the spiritual body like any of the sages through the ages. It’s not complicated. We just have to change our thoughts a little. We’ll be fine.

Enlightenment has nothing to do with making society a better place. You must give up your notions of what a “better society” is. Learn to let go, let go, let go…

I see a lot of young people in my country, the US, thinking that becoming spiritually enlightened is all about “peace, love, and harmony.” OK, maybe those things flow out of a person who is truly enlightened, but you can’t pursue those things in hopes of becoming enlightened. Enlightenment is letting go. It is leaving your desires behind. It is accepting that the world is empty and will never be a “good world” or a “bad world.” If you frame your enlightenment experience around the desire to have peace, love, and harmony, when those things begin to be challenged, you will lash out with anger at the “enemies” who are disrupting your personal enlightenment. Enlightenment means that whatever happens happens. If the world becomes overrun by zombies, then cool. If you can’t be calm thinking about never becoming enlightened, then you won’t be enlightened.

There is a reason that we think of people becoming enlightened after going through terrible ordeals. When you go through a very painful ordeal, and you survive, you realize that happiness and peace of mind are not attached to your perceived rightness or wrongness of a situation.

Also, in my experience, enlightenment is not typically just a realization. Someone could tell you that enlightenment is knowing that everything is empty, but you really have to be that truth to become enlightened. It is a journey, not a slogan. You must break apart your karmic body using this truth. You must test yourself according to the notion of emptiness. You have thousands of echoes of karma resonating throughout your being, and those must be stripped away. There is a lot of momentum in your pain and conditioned responses to the stimuli of life. I suppose that your physical, spiritual, and intellectual bodies have to come into alignment. The intellectual body might be an easy change, but the other two will probably take time.

And who knows if you’re fully enlightened? It’s best to not even acknowledge that you may or not be enlightened. Enlightenment is transparency. Enlightenment is silence. Then again it’s not. It’s beyond words. And if you’re truly enlightened, you won’t need to prove it to anyone lol.

Lastly, I have a hint that enlightenment is like a seed growing into a mighty tree. The seed doesn’t know how it grows into the tree, but when it does, it knows it is bigger than the seed. The tree looks at the world of the seeds and would probably laugh at the worries of the seeds. The material world is the world of the seeds. How can a seed know what the view of the tree is like? Until the seed becomes a tree, it has no frame of reference and therefore cannot understand fully. So any map trying to show what happened when the seed was growing into the tree would probably be mostly useless. The tree can just speak in metaphors from its memory of being a seed, and this would be incomplete at best.

And the tree might experience “peace, love, and harmony” because it is bigger and more established. But it had to die to being a seed first. It had to let go of its seedness and journey blindly into the unknown.