Realize that you are being purposefully distracted from yourself. Turn it all off.

Don’t watch TV. Don’t listen to the radio. Don’t read the newspaper. Stop about 90% of your thinking. Stop wanting to consume and control everything. There is a frequency jammer that is flooding you with misinformation so that you won’t figure out your own spiritual machinery.

“Hmm, I had a weird emotion, maybe I should take a look at my inner life…”

“NOOO!!!! Here’s a football game!! Here’s a pizza with chicken in the crust!! Here’s a naked woman!!”

“Oh, ok. I guess I won’t look at my inner life.”

“Now that’s a good boy…”

Go to your room. Be alone. Turn off all of the non-essential feeds that are stuffing you full of nonsense that doesn’t matter. Take psychedelics. Talk to your inner self. Pray. Meditate. Levitate. See God. Give up. Find the real Jesus the super yogi, not the lie that you learned in Sunday School to keep you from the real truth. Learn a mantra. Clear your mind. Be happy doing zero for at least 30 minutes a day. You don’t have to sit like Buddha to meditate. Just stop thinking.

You’ll clear up. Your spirit will reset. You’ll be fine. And you’ll realize that there has always been a light shining on you. It never left you. It’s just that there was all that pollution clouding it up.

Then you’ll just want to play and dance! You’ll still be able to survive. Trust me, you will. But you’ll have peace! peace.




I was on the cross with Jesus last night while tripping on DXM. How I came to believe in Jesus, I don’t know, but here I am, and my heart is just simply love. I know Christians are mostly lousy people, but I hope you too can know the real love in the message.

I tried my very best to leave the Christian church. I’m a proud transgender and bisexual woman. I know that my gender identity is sacred and true and fine with God. My dad was a pastor in the American Baptist church. I grew up in an atmosphere soaked with fear. I was told to have a deep shame. So I left and went in my head to Asia to find salvation.

What I found in Asian philosophies was far more real than what I found in the protestant churches of my youth, but I eventually got over my bitterness and resentment about Christianity. I have considered myself a Taoist or Buddhist or Hindu for the last 5 years. My spiritual life has grown tremendously as I’ve learned how to still my mind and how to approach reality with a proper stance as illustrated by the principle of Wu Wei (not forcing or effortless action or uncontrived action). These principles helped me to truly connect with the divine.

I am also a big time proponent of psychedelic chemicals, and I have developed a symbiotic relationship with Dextromethorphan (DXM), the psychedelic dissociative that is generally used as a cough suppressant. It is a very powerful spiritual medicine, and through the wisdom of Kabbalah, I’ve learned how to traverse the spiritual realm with the enthusiasm of a native shaman. It’s also legal, so I don’t have to deal with the bad karma of using illegal drugs. I wish there were better legal psychedelics, but I’ve made do.

I’ve been possessed by unexplainable and powerful spirits before, and these possessions have changed my life irrevocably. About 5 years ago in a courthouse in California, I had my first initiatory possession. I was overtaken by a benevolent spirit that spoke through me and acted using my body. I did some things in that courthouse that day that steered my life on a radically different course and was witness to the power of the spiritual world. This spirit danced my body and moved with extreme grace and precision. Since then I’ve been obsessed with understanding who or what overtook me.

About a year ago, in trance with DXM and meditation, I had a vision of being crucified in front of a sea of shouting and hateful people. They were all male and they violently shouted their hatred at me. However, in the vision I smiled at them with supreme confidence and love, and through gnosis I understood that this was the proper reaction to bullies and hatred. Then my body was taken down from the cross and ripped apart and consumed by a sea of ravenous people, but my spirit floated above watching. As the people tore my body apart, I was lifted up into a spiritual realm where I saw a giant cross like an X with a blooming flower in the middle of it. I floated higher, and I was in an angelic setting, and my body was fitted with the armor of a warrior angel.

This vision shook me, and I knew that I must learn from it. What I learned was that I should expect to be persecuted and that I should die to the world every day to achieve peace. I learned over the last year to be a person of peace and to have no fear in the knowledge that death is just an illusion. Also, shortly after this vision in 2015, in a time of deep woe and depression, I attempted to take my own life with a massive amount of pills. I had suffered from depression and self-loathing since I was a teenager. But just when I was near death, I had a near death experience, and I saw a dark demon like entity within myself. I also realized how not enlightened I was. I had convinced myself that I was killing myself to be free and that it was some kind of heroic act. I saw through this delusion that day, and since then I have not been suicidal in the least, and a peace and “presence” has been in my heart. I could not explain it until now. But there was a shift or awakening, and a new love was in my heart.

Over the last year, I’ve continued to water and fertilize this new thing in my heart, and I’ve achieved great peace through DXM, meditation, practicing humility, and gnosis. But last night I had an enlightenment experience. I don’t believe that I have achieved all that I can achieve, but the clarity of last night’s experience has deeply, deeply pacified my soul. To quote Osho, the zen master, “the seeking stopped.” I saw the Buddha, and I also saw something else.

I saw in my third eye the crucifixion scene, and I moved up into Jesus and was one with him. I realized that Jesus never died. On the cross he moved outside of time and still lives. I then realized that my spirit is on a cross, and my arms are splayed apart. I don’t know if I’m the reincarnation of a persecuted Christian or what. I realized that the love that was placed in my heart in 2015 was the love of Christ. This was definitely not what I intended to discover, that Christ was the one radiating through me, but it happened. I see and feel the deep and overwhelming love that Christ was able to create through his practice. I don’t believe that Christ is the only person to achieve this, but I believe that he was special.

After I was on the cross last night, I saw that I was in contact with a spirit that was “the Earth” or something signifying material things. I mated or joined with this spirit, and I gave a seed of that shining love to this spirit, and it was planted in the Earth. Today, I have pulled two Tarot cards, and both of them have been the Ace of Pentacles, which I take as symbolism that a new Earth or new materiality is manifesting.

Then after this I was in the presence of a great multitude of spiritual masters. I saw Paramahansa Yogananda, the Hindu master from the 20th century, and he smiled at me with great joy. Then a long row of spiritual masters seemed to bow to an audience at what appeared to be some sort of performance. I have seen Yogananda before, but now he saw me, and he was glowing with beauty and joy. I understand this as they have been assisting me over the last 5 years, as I have worked to ascend.

I’m a transgender woman, and I believe in the power of psychedelics, and yet I got confirmation that both of these things absolutely do not matter to God last night. I think that the modern Christian church is not at all representative of the message of Jesus. The religious right is about as bankrupt as a spiritual movement of people that has ever existed on the planet in my view. But, here I am, certain that Christ is real. I also believe that Christ and Krishna are the same thing, and anyone can become Christ. The Christ is just a state of mind. It is the union of God and a human.

I am so peaceful today. My third eye feels as though there is a flame burning in it, and my heart is deeply peaceful and happy. I’m not trying to convert people to Christianity. I think Christianity is a religion that has been hijacked by rather demonic forces. Donald Trump wants to do “extreme vetting” on Muslim travelers, well I honestly think we should do that with these so called Christians who have been extremely happy to murder millions in Christ’s name. I consider myself more of a Gnostic Christian, but really I don’t believe in religion. We have to focus on ourselves not build some institution to save the world. We can only save ourselves, and the world is deeply primitive in that respect.

I think if Jesus were alive today he would be posting on /r/Psychonaut or /r/Occult. So yeah, I believe in Jesus Christ. I don’t know how this happened! Help! Kidding… Jesus Christ was a great man. His followers, not so much. However, there are some unbelievably great Christians alive today. But they are usually the quiet ones just trying to be excellent and humble and loving people. They’re not the ones getting Botox before they go on camera in front of their “prosperity gospel” megachurch.

I hope that all of you can learn the joy and peace that Jesus really taught. I hope that you can get past the wolves in sheep’s clothing that stalk the land and poison the message of a great man. To quote Yogananda

“Jesus Christ is very much alive and active today. In Spirit and occasionally taking on a flesh-and-blood form, he is working unseen by the masses for the regeneration of the world. With his all-embracing love, Jesus is not content merely to enjoy his blissful consciousness in Heav­en. He is deeply concerned for mankind and wishes to give his followers the means to attain the divine freedom of entry into God’s Infinite Kingdom. He is disappointed because many are the churches and temples founded in his name, often prosperous and powerful, but where is the communion that he stressed — actual contact with God? Jesus wants temples to be established in human souls, first and foremost; then established outwardly in physical places of worship. Instead, there are countless huge edifices with vast congregations being indoctrinated in churchianity, but few souls who are really in touch with Christ through deep prayer and meditation.

I am working with all my might to make the world a more joyous, united, and wonderful place. I send out my joy in meditation, and through the spirit of Christ, I’ve learned how to amplify and radiate this love. Peace be to you all. Happy tripping, make gay love, and Jesus loves you. 🙂

Why as a Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Jew and Transgender Woman I believe in Jesus Christ

I must say that to be a thinking person with an honest heart and to be a believing Christian is just about as difficult today as it was in the 1st century when Rome was committed to crush this newborn belief system. But today, it is difficult because the church has lost the message of Christ. If the temple is the worshipers, then the money changers are right back where they were before Christ threw them out. It might not always be money that they are changing; the true sin of those merchants was to equate holiness with material things which is best described by the phrase “spiritual materialism.” The church of today, as evinced by the gross and sinful election of Donald Trump as a “Christian President,” is rotten and in a decay so deep that it is difficult to say if even Christ can resurrect this body spiritual.

But in the spirit of Christ, which is the eternal personification of God, all things are possible. This phrase sounds wholly hollow because of its modern status as a cliche, but it is true. It has just not been fully translated into the modern system of language. But God has revealed this translation to me through vision, synchronicity, joy, and rebirth. I have grown the Christ within my heart, and now it is my salvation. I did not go through the Christian church to reach Christ; I actually went to China and India to find Christ, but he was there, as he was even before his birth in Nazarus.

The Christian Gospels are actually quite spare in many of the details in how to create this alchemical Christ within your spiritual heart. I believe that this knowledge was suppressed when the Roman authorities adopted Christianity as the state religion. As we now know from the discovery of the Gnostic library at Nag Hammadi, there was a purge of minority opinions in the 4th century following the Council at Nicaea and the subsequent decision to establish the church around what would become known as Catholic ideas as codified by Saint Augustus and similar thinkers. This position created the impersonal Christ who could only be reached through the Papacy and its priestly caste. This disseminated the notion that true gnosis, or the direct communication with God, was impossible to the average layperson, and in effect it did become impossible as the tools by which one could communicate with God were lost in the atrophy of this spiritual knowledge.

I went to Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and mystical Judaism to relearn these techniques. They are hidden in those systems as well, and it takes a great amount of perseverance to discover them. But there is a way. One must fully break down the modern way of perceiving the world in order to have the truth revealed. We are all quite sick in our pervasive negativism and nihilism. We worship the negative, and then we are surprised when the negative takes the throne to rule. I was victim to this way of thinking for decades, and I was suicidal because of it. I was hopeless, lost, and constantly wanting for peace.

But five years ago, a miracle occurred in my life. I was possessed and overtaken by the spirit of God in a courthouse in California. My body became but a puppet to this powerful force, and it spoke through me. It was supreme confidence. It only lasted for an hour or so, and I was deeply troubled by it, but the actions that this spirit took effectively dismantled my previous life and set me on a new path. Because of this mystery, my life was forever changed. I committed myself to understand what had happened. And today I am confident that I understand as best I as I can. I don’t have supreme understanding, but I know that I walk in the right direction. Clarity is developing, but I have faith.

I have relearned the techniques of gnosis, and God has revealed in a mysterious manner what is true. These truths have been given in such a way so as to build my faith brick by brick. And now, my temple is strong. And the curious thing is that after my sojourn in the Eastern ways of thought, the Christ of my youth has been revealed to me in a new light. I see his beauty. I understand that to truly see Christ, you must walk as Christ did. His last commandment was to “love each other as I have loved you,” which simply means that one must become the Christ to see the Christ.

It is not simply through going to a church, getting baptized, and yelling “I’m saved!” that you are reborn. This is foolishness and the growth of this materialistic perspective has poisoned the church. One must be baptized from within to be reborn. There are waters within your consciousness that must cleanse your soul, AND you must choose to discard your selfish ego in favor of your spirit of service and piety. This is the only way to be saved. And this is not just a Christian truth, this is a human truth. There are many who have been saved in such a fashion in all faiths. The faith is just a map. You must walk the path within your heart to true salvation.

Only then will you see God. You must become a tempered sword of the good, where love, service, and humility are your strongest weapons. You must become a star whose core is powered by the fusion of your individual and the all; then the light of love will explode around you.

I have seen in prophetic vision that Christ did not die on the cross. He is still there; I have looked out from his eyes. He fully merged with God on that cross, and his kingdom is still glowing from that spot. I am now on that cross with him as millions of others are. I am happily splayed wide open, helpless, dead to the desires of the world. I am not yet fully completed, but I am so changed that there is peace in my heart. I know that I am walking to that kingdom, and because I walk to the kingdom, I am already there.

When you transcend your human life, you move outside of time and into the eternal. The people around you might see that you have died, but your spirit will live. Christ created a new heavenly kingdom, and many have gone to live within that kingdom of love. I will go there someday. In fact, I am already there. I have become a conduit for this love. I can choose to give this up and fall back into the unreal and dead, but I choose to walk into the light, knowing that persecution will follow. But this is fine. I have been prepared.

And I have been told that my choice to live as a transgender person is sanctioned. I know that it is not my gender presentation that is sinful; it is the desires in my heart that separate me from God. You can be whatever presentation or expression you like as long as you are a good and decent person and walk the true path.

Also, drugs are not evil per se. Some drugs like psychedelic chemicals, if used properly, can be great tools for realizing the truth of God. However, addiction to drugs is a terrible menace to your salvation, and you must become free of this and only use drugs voluntarily. I have struggled mightily with this, and I have overcome through grace and choice. I used to be an alcoholic, and today I am free from this bondage. But I still use psychedelic chemicals in my practice of gnosis.

I did not set out to believe in Christ. And I believe that the Christ spirit can be known by many paths, but I have been shown this truth, and I have peace. Choose love, humility, peace, defenselessness, and joy and become as a little child. Then you will be free. Love is waiting for you. Joy is your birthright.

The Sword

There are days when I wake up
And oh the atmosphere of civil man
is like an angry stone upon my singing heart
How strange am I that fired with boldness
I went where all the others feared
And finding there a sword
I raised it up like any other silly sunrise
but the people looking shocked did screaming say
“No! Put back that sword! You know what hell is coming now!”
And oddly enough I’ve been to hell
And hell is merely man
The devil did not like my smile
I sang to him; he said “move on…”
So no, I cannot re-sheath the sword
It’s soldered in my hand
and if this makes me dangerous
there in my other hand’s a staff
to steady my worn gait
walking on I’ll bring my peace
to what next stop attends my fate

with joy, with peace, with love, with exuberance
I go

Yes I’m aware that most people think I’m crazy because I use psychedelics and talk to God

I really don’t care at this point. I mean I have two personas: ZeroNom and my real life persona. I keep them separate so that I can hold a job and not have the mental police chasing me around. I’ve been to therapists and psychiatrists. My current therapist says I’m A-OK. I don’t tell her everything I believe, but she can see that I’m fairly well adjusted. I’m a recovering alcoholic, and I’ve been off alcohol for a year.

I’ve worked as a computer engineer and a financial analyst. I have a BA in Economics. And I’m a hardcore psychedelic Shaman. Cool!

I’m not hurting anyone. But I know how the world is, so I look over my shoulder.

My Principles for Staying Awake

I just scribbled these down after a burst of inspiration.

  1. 95% of people are asleep in the fear nightmare world. Even those who think they are awake are probably still buying into it and polluting their minds with fear, anger, and doubt.
  2. The collective dream of America is delusional and does not logically conform to reality.
  3. Reality is God, which I see as a father figure. It is all pervasive.
  4. We all exist in some hierarchical level of God. I exist at present in God’s eye.
  5. You must use visualization, alchemy, meditation, divination, and psychedelics to see your true self, and you can easily forget your true self and slip back into delusion.
  6. You can change your true reality through thought and intention.
  7. There are moral rules to true reality, but this mainly is just a restatement of the notion that there is reality, and there is delusion.
  8. Ignore the people totally lost in their fear dreams, the walking dead. Let them die. Focus on the alive, positive, energetic, and creative people who are in touch with true reality. The walking dead have to be reborn if they want to live, but they have to want to do this themselves. The best way to convince them that they should be reborn is to be an alien of love in their nightmare. Then they might see that they are actually dreaming the terror of the world. Then if they need your help, you can offer it on your terms from your awake and positive state. Don’t go to the nightmare world. It’s a trap.
  9. You must learn to see the assumptions of your thoughts. These are more important than the particulars of the thoughts. When you make a thought, it is composed of the assumed ideas. These compositional ideas resonate, echo, and reverberate forward through time. You are dealing with the echoes of old thoughts right now. Change your present thoughts, and the future will either become more love focused or more fear focused.
  10. Material comfort is mostly relative. You actually need very little to be happy. We drown ourselves in material things to cover up the stench of our prior nightmare based thoughts of fear, anger, revenge, etc.
  11. The waking up process requires that you die to the old dream. This will not go easily. You will absolutely believe that you are dying. This is why sometimes people who are excluded from society or exiled might be more in touch with true reality. Their death was forced upon them. But you must make the switch. In reality, you are just flipping a magnet around or reversing the polarity. You are not really dying. Death is just change. You must do this change bravely and courageously! Push through to the real, and stand up straight when you get there.
  12. Christ consciousness is the alignment with true reality, and you can become like Christ. Don’t believe the people who say that Jesus Christ was not a man. He became one with the Christ spirit.
  13. There is a supernatural flow in life because we are all connected in God. This manifests in synchronicity.
  14. Proclaim true reality as loud as they proclaim the nightmare hell reality.
  15. There is an alchemical, yogic process for inner realignment that requires a great deal of life energy to achieve. You must find a true source of power or a combination of sources. I found a certain way. I do not know what this way is for everyone. They will have to climb the mountain themselves. But if you start, forces will come to your aid. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened.
  16. You should expect to be persecuted for leaving the hell dream reality. I expect to be persecuted. Even if I’m not, I expect it, and it gives me peace. I have been given a vision that this might happen, but I have been instructed to smile through it and stay in the real.
  17. This is just a start. There is much more. Much of it is best learned on your journey. If you’ve already gone through this, then Hello!! 🙂
  18. Walk out of hell. You can do it. 🙂

Happiness is a configuration setting

I am so deeply awed and grateful to my creator or life or whatever this is. Life is wondrous and beautiful. There are hurdles, but just don’t stop. Get up, and keep going. That’s all that is required of you in this life. It is like one of those vertical scrolling video games from the 80’s where you have to constantly keep moving. But that’s just the contract. No big deal. Just keep going.

There will be pain, but pain is helpful. It shows you where you need to alter your configuration. There is no magic book in life. You go, you fall, you get hurt, you adjust, you go, you fall, you get hurt, you adjust, and then you rise. And the view, oh the view.

Thank you life.

And Abel was not able to be free

What is this, this unkempt world
Where those who murder rule
How putrid is the holy scent
The demons teach the school
In times such water will expire
The tears of poverty’s lament
The suffering is all at times I see
As I ascend, the world is cruelly rent
What water bearer bears my soul?
What dreams have I awakened?
The father’s eye looks on such fire
And men of peace conspire the end
We have but one simplistic choice
To build the fires of peace or war
Yet animals and businessmen
Charged wicked Cain to guard the store

Thich Nhat Hanh: “God is a Lesbian…”

01:19 pm – Thich Nhat Hanh : “God is a lesbian…”
Excerpt from Dharma Talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh on July 20, 1998 in Plum Village, France.

Question : “Dear Thay, I feel very well and safe here in Plum Village, but there were times in my life when I experienced discrimination, so there is one question which really interests me. What does Buddhism say about homosexuality?”

Reply: “Discrimination is something that many of us know, and there were times when we wanted to cry out for justice. You might be tempted by violent means in order for injustice to be removed. There are very many of us who are seeking non-violent means in order to remove injustice and discrimination imposed on us. Sometimes those discriminating against us act in the name of God, of the truth. We may belong to the third world, or we may belong to a particular race, we may be people of color, we may be gay or lesbian, and we have been discriminated against for thousands of years. So how to work on it, how to liberate ourselves from the suffering of being a victim of discrimination and oppression? In Christianity it is said that God created everything, including man, and there is a distinction made between the creator and the creature. The creature is something created by God. When I look at a rose, a tulip, or a chrysanthemum, I know, I see, I think, that this flower is a creation of God. Because I have been practicing as a Buddhist, I know that between the creator and the created there must be some kind of link, otherwise creation would not be possible. So the chrysanthemum can say that God is a flower, and I agree, because there must be the element “flower” in God so that the flower could become a reality. So the flower has the right to say that God is a flower.

“The white person has the right to say that God is white, and the black person also has the right to say that God is black. In fact, if you go to Africa, you’ll see that the Virgin Mary is black. If you don’t make the statue of the Virgin Mary black, it does not inspire people. Because to us the black people, “black is beautiful,” so a black person has the right to say that God is black, and in fact I also believe that God is black, but God is not only black, God is also white, God is also a flower. So when a lesbian thinks of her relationship with God, if she practices deeply, she can find out that God is also a lesbian. Otherwise how could you be there? God is a lesbian, that is what I think, and God is gay also. God is no less. God is a lesbian, but also a gay, a black a white, a chrysanthemum. It is because you don’t understand that, that you discriminate.

“When you discriminate against the black or the white, or the flower, or the lesbian, you discriminate against God, which is the basic goodness in you. You create suffering all around you, and you create suffering within yourself, and it is delusion, ignorance, that is the basis of your action, your attitude of discrimination. If the people who are victims of discrimination practice looking deeply, they will say that I share the same wonderful relationship with God, I have no complex. Those who discriminate against me, do so because of their ignorance. “God, please forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing.” If you reach that kind of insight, you will no longer get angry at that person who discriminates against you, and you might have compassion toward him or her. You will say: “He does not know what he is doing. He is creating a lot of suffering around him and within him. I will try to help him.” So your heart opens like a flower and suffering is no longer there, you have no complex at all, and you turn to be a bodhisattva in helping the people who have been discriminating against you. That is the way I see it, out of my practice of looking deeply, so one day I made the statement that God is a lesbian, and this is my insight.”

My name is ZeroNom

“‘Cyclops, you asked my noble name, and I will tell it; but do you give the stranger’s gift, just as you promised. My name is Nobody. Nobody I am called by mother, father, and by all my comrades.’

The Odyssey

I have many names, but my truest name is nothing. Therefore, I have adopted the pseudonym of ZeroNom, which means Zero (from the Sanskrit Śūnyatā meaning emptiness and voidness) Nom (from the Latin root for name). Life was previously a struggle, until the goodness beyond my control decided to drop a heavy cross upon my shoulders. This cross presented me with the option of sitting down and dying or pushing forward and dropping all weight from my ego so as to compensate. At first I chose the former. Then, through providence, I chose the latter. Now, through grace and mercy, I have come to see that letting all preconceptions of name, rank, family, wealth, class, and all other designations of the human social condition I have become free.

The funny thing is that I didn’t choose this name, or lack of name, on purpose. It was a subconscious whisper of fate. But, as with many things on this journey, in retrospect it has proven to be perfect. My God is the void, that from which springs all form. I know it as the Tao, God, Brahman, Keter, and many other names. I have sought to become one with the void, and I have had to die to the forms with which I used to identify. Through this happy death, worry has diminished. I am not the void now, but I am going there, or I am there, or whatever. With the non-dual void, words begin to fail. I also know it as love.

Also, I follow the words of Lao Tzu:

One who seeks knowledge learns something
new every day.
One who seeks the Tao unlearns something
new every day.
Less and less remains until you arrive
at non-action. [*]
When you arrive at non-action,
nothing will be left undone.

Tao Te Ching chapter 48

Be well my friends. Have a noble day.


Choose your way forward. Bliss and freedom are one way if you so desire. Death is merely change.

It is only when we embrace death that we are free. If we see death as a terrible thing, then we will scurry as far away from it into fear as possible. We see the big Death where our bodies die, and we don’t see that it is really just one part of death that it all around us and that death really is just change. We must submit to change, and accept the beauty of it. Then we will die to our fear and have freedom in what has been called God but is really just a state of mind, a higher form of intelligence. This human existence is just one point on our journey to a higher vibration. This journey has had its ups and downs. It is a dialectic waveform. But we climb this mountain nonetheless

If we want to rest and go downward, this is not a problem, but this decision will carry with it consequences. We are moving up into love, and we can move away from love. When our bodies die, we are reborn where we are when we die, and we continue our journey in the next life, be it of a higher or lower vibration. Curiously enough we can feel this vibratory process if we listen correctly. It has a sound in our consciousness. Also, moving up the vibrational ladder requires sacrifice. This is the process of detaching from karmic experiences of the past. This is pain. In fact death is painful, and this is why we choose stagnation, but when we change and move through our little deaths, we experience a greater and more profound love called bliss. The karma is torn from our bodies, and our inner light more illuminates our existence.

What is the key to moving upward to bliss? Realize that there is an awareness in you that will not change even though your particular forms of your reality change. This intelligence will stay. Then you can go boldly through life and find out for yourself what works. You will stumble. This is fine. But you have an inner intuition to guide you. Learn to communicate through this intuition to the forces we variously call God or gods or angels or spirits. And they will assist you until you realize that they are just your future you that you are becoming. We can become God or we can become lower things. It is your choice.You are free.

Be well today. The light of love is shining. Peace is here. Take up your sword of justice and cut your path to your happy destiny.