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Truth! Love! Grace! Peace…

So many lies. Drowning in lies. Gaslight nation. The only way to live in this deluge of mendacity is to find your truth and walk that truth forward. Making enemies in the service of truth is honor. Just ask yourself: what would America be without slavery, without indigenous land theft, without Jim Crow, without mass incarceration, without a few million dead Iraqis, Vietnamese, Afghanis? Can we speak these truths that are self-evident to the highest power?

I think the house of cards crumbles if you remove that stolen fuel. And what are we doing with that stolen wealth? Squandering it with navel-gazing, hedonistic decadence. You can’t get high forever. Eventually the party is over. I’m lucky because I lost everything. This country made me into a pariah. I could not have my inner freedom without outer suffering. Through torture I have been saved. And not saved like Joel Osteen saying that I’m saved on national TV. That’s just cosplay saved.

Listen to the suffering of others and you will see the mother of all love, the goddess of all compassion. Then you will be saved because you have deep compassion for yourself. Laugh at the seriosity of America. This is not the only way to run a country. I know it gets beaten into our heads from age 2 that we are the most advanced form of government in the world. Do we even want to be advanced? Where is the love? Where is the community? Where is the outrage that our family members are sleeping in the freezing cold on concrete? Your heart will tell you the truth of that situation if you listen.

Truth requires love and love requires truth. I have every reason plus twenty to have hate in my heart, but I just wanted to destroy myself when I harbored hate in my heart. I just gave it up. What Christians call the holy spirit came down and said “you’ll never know if you’re going to survive, you’ll always feel pain, you’ll suffer, but I’ll be there with you.” And so something stopped in me. I believe in Christ but I’m not a Christian. Turn the other cheek on the inside. Let them win. For in losing, you gain a peace that surpasses all understanding. They gain some green paper. You gain your soul.

Your perfect you


I love you
even though you disappoint me
I love your wrong
and your crazy
your falsity
and your hazy
I love your madness
even when it stings
I’m enraptured by your hideous
Your phases make me sing

I love you
in spite of what is harsh
Because when I look in your eyes
I know I’m home
I know I’m found
I know I’m here
where I’m supposed to be

Please don’t run
but if you do
I’ll be here waiting
a lonely, fucked up, insane fool
in love with all your magik
entranced by all your perfect you

What’s an artist?

What’s an artist but a pauper
drunk on beauty and rich with love
she wanders this way that way so
and sees the veridian painted world
in bold persistent glow
She’s missed out on the promotion
because the flowers call to her by name
pushing hungry bees aside to feast
on nature’s stun and show
she knows
that when she dies without a cent
her life and love have paid the rent
sublime Venusian presents ever surround
the peace of nature’s longing lust
an opulent, invisible wedding gown