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Some drinks

Alcohol has always
fired me up
opened me up
given me up
the drinks I’ve drunk
the drunks I’ve loved
the feels I’ve felt
in alcohol

we think of words as so innate
even though they’re merely tools
4 thousand years ago they wrote
and forgot before the words were worn

But with a drink
it all goes smooth
I say
two beers before a show
but have one more
and fuck the fools
who don’t deserve
to know

alcohol brings my me out front
and some folks
don’t like
the out-front
and so I’ve learned to wear a mask
that I throw off at the twist or pop or
yes, please, another

The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.

Don’t be dull

Don’t be dull
the grizzled, stained, and tired man says
in the window on my screen
the speakers hiss from the VHS recording
as he yells “he wasn’t even a professional drunk!”
and I drink some wine and take my mental notes
am I a professional drunk?
an apprentice? journeyman?
Yeah, I guess so. I guess so.
But who the fuck cares about “alcoholics?”
this bastard on my screen is so revered
and he was drunk damn near every minute
of his rambling life
They’re trying to take our joys away
They’re trying to take our joys away!
for the sake of PRODUCTIVITY!!
and a ton of other buzzword bullshit slogans
They just need you to be less human
because humans don’t make good tools
They want you like a machine, a wrench, a fucking screwdriver
named Dave from Indiana
Dave thinks he’s free
You think you’re free
I think I’m free
but we’re not all right on that one.
Don’t be dull
I’m trying Chuck