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A Few Words

God gave you a left hand and a right hand. On one side there are things that happen to you and you’re the victim or receptive or yin. On the other side, you are the actor, the thinker, the yang. You can’t reduce it to one. It’s both, well at least both. I’m not that smart enough to know how many hands reality has. But you can’t say that you’re a total victim, and you can’t say that you’re a total egotistical controller. We’re all both in varying degrees. So can we please meet in the center? Can we have a mosh pit of love and understanding. I know that some people are “unrelatable” but people change. I used to be a frothing right winger. I grew up. Let’s all stop being total know-it-alls that are completely convinced that the other side is wrong. Certainty is poison. There is no certainty in a complicated system of oppositional actors. Humility, Please?!
By the way, WTF is wrong with you Donald Trump. I’m talking to you as one of those horrible trannies that you want to cleanse out of the military. (BTW, only we can say tranny. Don’t fucking say it if you’re not a tranny.) Grow the fuck up motherfucker! Simmer down my brother. You’re not fucking Christ. Lord. The amount of intellectual certainty in this budding Aquarian Age is just too much. Yeah, we kind of know things because of science, but science is wrong every day.
OK I feel better. It’s such a fucking disaster. Center. Breath. Ground. Know that you’re a dumb ass ape. Life is work.
I’m drunk, but hey, I can write a few words.

Cool is the fool’s faith. Stick to the real and you’ll never be alone.

​Seek realness and not coolness. Cool is fashion. Real is eternal. Sometimes they’re the same but often not. If you stick to the real, you can be incredibly uncool sometimes, but you’ll have an internal integrity that some call faith. Faith will always be a strange and formless thing that will always confound you. That’s why we call it God or Tao which is shorthand for who the fuck knows! 

Real is fucking great! It will make you feel a thousand miles deep and a light year high. But you might be a total failure according to the standards of society, but when you walk you’ll have this magnificent dark shadow aura that envelops you.

Don’t be cool unless you really are.