Tag: Fate

What a fucking year, a poem

What a fucking year
Where fear trumped fun
Like an eclipsed sun
Fate’s holy gun ejaculated

And sitting in a nuptial field
Where banging drums
Of people burned by the silent Saturn of sin banged on
We met

Yes destiny has quite the cost
You’ve got to gain the secret loss
To play

But two torn Tauruses grazed
On fields of poppies
Fully blazed
I whispered my name
She said “did you feel that change?”
“Abbey as in Abigail you say?”

And then two boulders
Tripping tipped and ran
Down the hill that lust had planned
Before them

Never boring
What’s this whole thing
But a gift
I can’t imagine what the next year
Plans to lift
Before us

Thank you goddess is all I can exclaim
To move me forward and ease the decreasing pain