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Beyond the tape

She dreams of solace at the door
behind the tape that says
no more
no fighting with the devil now
just call four one
and one for wow
to see your screen go white
that’s all the outside light
we get
in quarantine

but only the flowers on her phone
called men and the dogs who want her bone
can smell the desperation in her sin
of venturing out
beyond the tape one night

she slipped up to an old stone stoop
and buzzed a buzzer busily saying
it’s me
the door unlocked
she slipped in like a fog

the virus that they don’t test for
is the most contagious one so far
two naked things in love somehow
beyond the tape, inside the now


We danced through time
as roses with their petals falling upward
into heaven’s grace
that holy place between our legs
And even though we stopped a while
I always dreamed
and smelled your sting
the acrid devil’s haunting choir
that I can’t replace
I long for the way you felt that day
the moaning soft vibration of you
It resounds in my heart
our city fell in the month of May
but now on the wreckage we dig in our shovels
a photo op, and a ribbon splitting
this is where we now begin
your love is what I want to win

The cycle of love

She was the dream untethered in my mind
a flame that moths cannot ignore
all the others said “what are you doing?”
But we flew into that fire together
hopeless junkies
mainlining love and sexuality
And now we’re burned and calcified
we tried to dream
and now we die
Hopefully a tree will bloom
upon the grave of our lost swoons
to turn this anguish into something new


I worshipped you but you couldn’t believe
Our hearts were as one but you couldn’t conceive
You ushered me away with the unfounded dream
That I was just using you, a love of convenience

But she was a Gen X stereotype
All anger and bitterness seething
And I was too languid and puerile
Just some burnout teething

How lovely
Was our parting
The sunrise
New starting


But the cord is cut

Her heart and moon

Did Prometheus go manic from his fire?
was he self-impressed and dominatingly intense?
Did he stand above all else
parading gaily with his novel torch?

Oh how lessons seem to manifest reversed
after hatred, fear, and loathing comes the curse

And so
With cruelty on display my shadow raged
the oft repressed dark venom lazed its target
setting blazes

yet she was crying to herself
hiding tears of soul’s dark nights inside
old Carl Jung was right
this dim projector beamed a light
upon her breast
and fearing not
while seeing all that wasn’t there
a strange hallucination of the will
degraded hasty judgments
to a dime-store sin

Though pain makes rain upon her sullen face
She’s moving onward thinking fate is new
Soar deities on demon wings with haste
to fill the hole and sate her heart and moon

The Queer Inside

Do you fear the queer inside?
Can you swallow truth not lies?
Lest the future die from pride
Will you meet the queer inside?

Oh brazen bawdy goddess sitting in my eyes
I’m high on estrogen
and giving up
no longer need I carry cups
of water for some cracking code
called male

For a score and a half
I trembled at the mystery’s mouth
who shamed my fearful runs away
from inner, tranny, hopeless gay

My lover, now I wait to be beneath you
beads bequeathed from lips to breast
of sweat and salivary lust
I crave
come rape my young Persephone’s beliefs
Plutonic rage displayed in loving ways

I am a haze for one odd day
so astral gasps the gods will say
from mouths of jealous craven want
made maestro from a dilettante
caress my curves oh inward sinner sister mine
let’s hold our hands, and cross the line

Pure Duet

We stared
in longing silence
by our love
a hand in glove
some holy dove created
warmly sated
by the peace of
“why did this begin?”
you opened up
and I came in

And lying not
but lying on a hill
I asked for her
to climb, with me, this mountain

her yes inferred
we climbed the ragged hill
to spy
the burning bush

the sun is set
inside two lovers’ whistling tent
our eyes gone wet
I’ll place this bet

Please dance with me
the cadence set
love’s warm, exalted
pure duet

Your perfect you


I love you
even though you disappoint me
I love your wrong
and your crazy
your falsity
and your hazy
I love your madness
even when it stings
I’m enraptured by your hideous
Your phases make me sing

I love you
in spite of what is harsh
Because when I look in your eyes
I know I’m home
I know I’m found
I know I’m here
where I’m supposed to be

Please don’t run
but if you do
I’ll be here waiting
a lonely, fucked up, insane fool
in love with all your magik
entranced by all your perfect you

Love renewed from love unglued

Oh Babylon
the kingdom comes
upon my breast
of wakened stressful hues
with what you said
when Mars invaded
leaving lovers dry, unsated
crying at the circumstance
a comic dance where fumbling ruled
I’ll hold your tender love
inside my heart

my me is you
I’m here unclothed
climb high upon my thighs and shout
this thing called us is fate’s pure clout

but then you said you must be gone
with swords drawn strong
we swung and cut
Once heroines, now vaults sealed shut

but then a root or shoot or ray
went back to her with a simple “Hey…”

I love you like the sun, my queen
I bow to kiss your cloven toes
Come dance with me again my twin
Like lanterns, we will burn and glow

Listening, losing, loving

She sits nimbly watching pixels flash
where digits of the cosmos dance
through speakers playing Debussy
while frisson sparkles through her skin
entranced at love’s pure ecstasy
and loss

Could all these homosexual affairs
with drunken, swirling crying eyes
be that which brought her here
from him to them to they to her
a love so lost that birds can’t sing
just cry

She does acupuncture on her soul
with each love lost unto the world
and so some eastern healing sage
makes plain her sullen, complex gaze
to change what once was straight
to bent

She makes me mad

she makes me mad
but not the angry kind
the kind that poets muse about
and doctors can’t explain
the kind that whips my soul about
with S-shaped cracks of thunderous shout
that stab me in my core
I’m a boat without a shore
and more, I’ve lost my mind in lore
like will this union yet persist?
Good oracle there please don’t resist!
Tell my bones what futures heavens hold!
Tell my heart with burning scald
truths from some dead long-haired lord
to save me from this hex
she’s the itch that I can’t fix
oh good goddess please come quick!