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I’m not here

I’m not here
but here unfurls my broken heart
I pass the ghost of Joseph Campbell
who walks around the mall
on his daily stroll
and I think about justice
or accepting none
I pull my turn signal
and find my spot
This country lies
and takes the best I’ve got
so on I go, alone, apart

I think of her
the one I loved
the only one
but now she’s gone
a wall erected now between us
taunts the lovers on each side
this poem wasn’t supposed to be about her
but here I am
within my weathered sphere
a lonely, calloused queer
who rests down on her knees
to pray the prayer
an ode to she


I worshipped you but you couldn’t believe
Our hearts were as one but you couldn’t conceive
You ushered me away with the unfounded dream
That I was just using you, a love of convenience

But she was a Gen X stereotype
All anger and bitterness seething
And I was too languid and puerile
Just some burnout teething

How lovely
Was our parting
The sunrise
New starting


But the cord is cut

You Don’t Love Me

She said “I want to break up”
with Saturn’s old worn eyes
the sternness of her discipline
gave futures their demise

And still I long for her embrace
I wake with solitary, lonely haste
to plod against the dawning mire
Am I walking into or out of the fire?

so bitter is my heart’s lament
yet I’ve left some venom in her skin
the puncture marks say “I’m a fool”
my caustic words were the cruelest tool

She said “You don’t love me”
and my heart sank
what dream is this?
of the lowest rank
I’ll set my sights
on something higher
because she thinks I’m such a liar

I’m so lost
but I must go
if she won’t believe me
end of show

Pure Duet

We stared
in longing silence
by our love
a hand in glove
some holy dove created
warmly sated
by the peace of
“why did this begin?”
you opened up
and I came in

And lying not
but lying on a hill
I asked for her
to climb, with me, this mountain

her yes inferred
we climbed the ragged hill
to spy
the burning bush

the sun is set
inside two lovers’ whistling tent
our eyes gone wet
I’ll place this bet

Please dance with me
the cadence set
love’s warm, exalted
pure duet

Your perfect you


I love you
even though you disappoint me
I love your wrong
and your crazy
your falsity
and your hazy
I love your madness
even when it stings
I’m enraptured by your hideous
Your phases make me sing

I love you
in spite of what is harsh
Because when I look in your eyes
I know I’m home
I know I’m found
I know I’m here
where I’m supposed to be

Please don’t run
but if you do
I’ll be here waiting
a lonely, fucked up, insane fool
in love with all your magik
entranced by all your perfect you

Ritual love

This is the new year
We rise, two lovers as one
In the heart of the city two witches ignite
Our fires combine swirling around the town
lightning from Aquarius pours down
between our thighs alive with pride unkempt
The fascination of our lips
and holy days in divey places
makes the Pope proclaim a holiday
and she, the Earth beneath the sage
goes lame in ecstatic revelry
We’re whole, divided
pieces of peace unpuzzled

Take this fire
these thirteen suns!
Burn within our sacred loves
Cast a devil’s conflagration
with this hex plus hex plus one
making scenes of horrid birthing screams
We the angels tasting eden
fall back down
to Earth
Now pregnant with the silvery rope that binds us
Valentine’s day’s the hallmark of our union
Under the moon
The universe in swoon
We merge within her soft cocoon

Listening, losing, loving

She sits nimbly watching pixels flash
where digits of the cosmos dance
through speakers playing Debussy
while frisson sparkles through her skin
entranced at love’s pure ecstasy
and loss

Could all these homosexual affairs
with drunken, swirling crying eyes
be that which brought her here
from him to them to they to her
a love so lost that birds can’t sing
just cry

She does acupuncture on her soul
with each love lost unto the world
and so some eastern healing sage
makes plain her sullen, complex gaze
to change what once was straight
to bent

Convicted love

Someone seeming strong
yet coy
a girl I know
I can’t ignore

Like a candle with no matches
I’m cold and dark, alone

oh here how fate conspired
to grow us up apart
I see the angels spinning gold
but now my heart is left and sold

come back to me I cry against the bars
my prison of this sober solitude
is right
I know
but when against this slothful clock
will love resume
and bring her back

I love you are the words I write
against the walls within my cage
I’m stripped bereft like a fallen king
I’ll give my crown to turn the page

What’s an artist?

What’s an artist but a pauper
drunk on beauty and rich with love
she wanders this way that way so
and sees the veridian painted world
in bold persistent glow
She’s missed out on the promotion
because the flowers call to her by name
pushing hungry bees aside to feast
on nature’s stun and show
she knows
that when she dies without a cent
her life and love have paid the rent
sublime Venusian presents ever surround
the peace of nature’s longing lust
an opulent, invisible wedding gown

Acid, a poem

What is this, this unknown jest
where life is vague
and odd at best
where going forward on I’ve walked
and danced a little bit
to stir my soul within this fecund heart

but then the other night
surrounded by the fabled, foibled mystery
within your wanting eyes
I saw the old meteoric blaze
it’s just how revelation was supposed to be
the whole of damnation in your gaze

and then in darkness
like Ezekiel’s wheel come down
what we saw while sitting staring on your bed
Our inner demons took off their human suits
and said hello
but quickly realized they were just beasts
no more and no less

Two animals unclothed and pulsing there
The stars above our heat
the coldest blanket to ever keep us warm

In this magic, an inverted hell
we fell
we fell
we fell
we fell

What a fucking year, a poem

What a fucking year
Where fear trumped fun
Like an eclipsed sun
Fate’s holy gun ejaculated

And sitting in a nuptial field
Where banging drums
Of people burned by the silent Saturn of sin banged on
We met

Yes destiny has quite the cost
You’ve got to gain the secret loss
To play

But two torn Tauruses grazed
On fields of poppies
Fully blazed
I whispered my name
She said “did you feel that change?”
“Abbey as in Abigail you say?”

And then two boulders
Tripping tipped and ran
Down the hill that lust had planned
Before them

Never boring
What’s this whole thing
But a gift
I can’t imagine what the next year
Plans to lift
Before us

Thank you goddess is all I can exclaim
To move me forward and ease the decreasing pain