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I’m willful
moaning, lonely
than just a body
in the store
Jerusalem was never more
the center pole has lost its core
A dragon spews unrighteous fire
A nation shocked
A weeping choir of angels
strumming aging lyres
The leaderless!
A fatuous land…
How can we go?!
I’ve seen the broken lanes of God inside by head!
I know the high must sigh and fall
The maiden on the bridge must drop
And yes, old dead Persephone
will rise

The Queer Inside

Do you fear the queer inside?
Can you swallow truth not lies?
Lest the future die from pride
Will you meet the queer inside?

Oh brazen bawdy goddess sitting in my eyes
I’m high on estrogen
and giving up
no longer need I carry cups
of water for some cracking code
called male

For a score and a half
I trembled at the mystery’s mouth
who shamed my fearful runs away
from inner, tranny, hopeless gay

My lover, now I wait to be beneath you
beads bequeathed from lips to breast
of sweat and salivary lust
I crave
come rape my young Persephone’s beliefs
Plutonic rage displayed in loving ways

I am a haze for one odd day
so astral gasps the gods will say
from mouths of jealous craven want
made maestro from a dilettante
caress my curves oh inward sinner sister mine
let’s hold our hands, and cross the line