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Equinox Parade of Jaded Hipsters

I feel great fear across the land
and with no gods to hold their hands
they quiver with their lattes
grasping games, like falling sand
looking for another fix
to make reality go nix
the Disney version isn’t true
so their vision is unglued
and with decadence unfurled
we’ve been the luckiest in the world
Bold America is lost
in precious nihilism’s sauce

in order to be strong
you have to recognize
your weakness yes
but also learn to fight with verve
against usurpers, fiends, and cons
not make ironic jokes go on
and on

I think of fair Arjuna
crowing how he couldn’t fight
and Krishna with his cold derision
naming him a feckless child

The promise of America the brave
the land of milk and honey’s ways
is lies
it always was

but now our cynicism swirls around our necks
and good old boys are standing there on deck
Life is beautiful transcendence and some dreck
Get up, stand up, put the fascists into check

Drones to the Rescue

I read a study today
that said that people
generally judge selfies
to be insecure, lonely,
and unacceptable.
But if you have a posed picture
as if another person is taking it
you score higher on the acceptability.
I need to hire a photographer
to follow my self around.
Or maybe I can get a drone to take
pictures of me on the ground.
Then I can go to that sweet,
sweet influencer lifestyle town.
Drones to the rescue.
Marketing utopia, all around!


We danced through time
as roses with their petals falling upward
into heaven’s grace
that holy place between our legs
And even though we stopped a while
I always dreamed
and smelled your sting
the acrid devil’s haunting choir
that I can’t replace
I long for the way you felt that day
the moaning soft vibration of you
It resounds in my heart
our city fell in the month of May
but now on the wreckage we dig in our shovels
a photo op, and a ribbon splitting
this is where we now begin
your love is what I want to win

My heart is a homeless camp

My heart is a homeless camp
So let the rain of wine drain down
to douse the pain
of living in your car emotions
uncaring where the crosswalk is
my heart it walks barefoot and beat
staging a coup on the surly traffic in the street
its unkempt hair, the surest vein
of how did I not know it blues
we pray, the other organs, for her health
but hearts beleaguered, anoxic, and still
rarely revive from that attack’s news
Goethe said one ought not resist fate
that bird who sings on street corners
he bade you go and submit to her
and she will guide you pleasantly
so willingly I’ll go to meet her
leaving death and change aside
this pristine goddess dreaming
in my head reveals
that love like that can never die
you’ll hold it past your last lorn sigh


they let it fall
in stars and bars
the monster maimed
by Minhs and Ladens
tumbled to the ground

Watch the cruel young sacrifice
the states united under Christ
find love in murder appetites
the end of hedonism’s brawl
the zombies wandering the malls
the thoughts of normalcy controlled
they dive inside delusion’s hall

they let it fall
in stars and bars
the post-apocalyptic waste is now
but no one knows beyond the fun
how best to think of life and guns
they’ve lost and corporations’ve won

ding dong ding dong
love live the lexicon
some of us are separate
and some of us are one
let us mix and bathe and hug
in goddess minded peace
and Leo hearted love

Don’t be dull

Don’t be dull
the grizzled, stained, and tired man says
in the window on my screen
the speakers hiss from the VHS recording
as he yells “he wasn’t even a professional drunk!”
and I drink some wine and take my mental notes
am I a professional drunk?
an apprentice? journeyman?
Yeah, I guess so. I guess so.
But who the fuck cares about “alcoholics?”
this bastard on my screen is so revered
and he was drunk damn near every minute
of his rambling life
They’re trying to take our joys away
They’re trying to take our joys away!
for the sake of PRODUCTIVITY!!
and a ton of other buzzword bullshit slogans
They just need you to be less human
because humans don’t make good tools
They want you like a machine, a wrench, a fucking screwdriver
named Dave from Indiana
Dave thinks he’s free
You think you’re free
I think I’m free
but we’re not all right on that one.
Don’t be dull
I’m trying Chuck

I’m not here

I’m not here
but here unfurls my broken heart
I pass the ghost of Joseph Campbell
who walks around the mall
on his daily stroll
and I think about justice
or accepting none
I pull my turn signal
and find my spot
This country lies
and takes the best I’ve got
so on I go, alone, apart

I think of her
the one I loved
the only one
but now she’s gone
a wall erected now between us
taunts the lovers on each side
this poem wasn’t supposed to be about her
but here I am
within my weathered sphere
a lonely, calloused queer
who rests down on her knees
to pray the prayer
an ode to she

America the Great!

America’s racist
I know where the place is
waking up the same shit
hatred is the gun clip
you know what a slave is?
scared of all the bank crips
gangs in ivy school pics
using cops as tool kits
to enforce the law that’s
chasing all the brown cats
and the queers and trans brats
we know where the shit’s at
somewhere one percent land
go get, the torches, and pitchforks
take them, to wall street, in New York.

Poem for the end

We’ve been a fire burning
where the witless children danced around
and now the embers, smoldering,
like red-faced deities, playing clowns,
retort in chorus
that we ain’t done
unless she opts to fire the gun
and put me into my misery
deleting all those past reviews
the snuggling, loving, fucking too
the “why can’t we escape?”

when one star finds its other
and becomes a binary two
does the original star bemoan its fate?
does she say it’s now too hot
why did I go on that first date?

but here we are enmeshed
the oddest couple tested freshly
by the pain of gravity resisted
now we can’t go listless
we can only just revolve 
and spin around the other fool 
the other clown
will love, like spring unfurled, rebound?
or will some new supernova 
break the bonds and kill the plaintive pleadings of my heart

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We tried to fly
but suns burn fast
The feathers we held
they didn’t last

I smelled your phantom smell today
and then you flashed inside my eye
I thought of spooning, your embrace
but that must go I’m roundly told
by fate and those around
and so

This day is the day where I’m lost in space
I’m going on but lonely so
I’ll find you again in a bottle or smoke
Without my wings
I’m walking now

The webs we cast

Our loves
they flutter by
and sometimes stick against our nets
and we begin to cry
as we don’t see the nets we cast
we only see the prize
and then enmeshed we thus become
unable to release and fly
the loves we catch and then unfurl
got she and me so high

and now we separate with haste
yet how I long for her embrace