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A lustful listless list

What dreams wherein the subtle lies
The things you want to know
The strange, unhinged, and circumspect
The phrases that your mythos never shows
She had but one sensibility
The taming kind of style
The way she ate too fast
The guile with which she harbored her next catch
It was always going to plan
And it’s always going to pieces
And now the summer sentence fades
She’s got the scarcest accolades
It’s all just go go go
let live
dancing in invisible snow
The cards require a bigger show

The New Day is Now

Everything is new. Love is the triumph. The planet is throwing off its ugly old shell. The butterfly is emerging from the chrysalis. It’s wings are spread so wide open. A new day is dawning. Through birth pains there is new life. The butterfly soars into the air! It’s wings whip in fluttering ecstasy! It bounces through the air alive with the spirit of new imagination. And everything around echoes in concordance creating a symphony of exclamatory transcendence! This is the new day! Yes!

It is now.

Because we’ve had about enough of that crap, haven’t we?


When I die and go up north

When I die and go up north
to the old black heaven in the sky
after wailing and burning here on Earth
there will be a room of congregation
where all us people
who spent our time languishing
in dirty one rooms
obscured by being just slightly different
in just the right amount of ways
in this room we’ll all just get together and laugh
and remember the cats that kept us company
and the oil paints and old beat up guitars
and scraps of paper with magic words
scribbled on them
and we’ll sing our songs for the others
and they’ll paint our caricatures
and a sonnet will capture the scene
when I die and go up north
to the old black heaven in the sky