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Life can be understood to be a video game, some thoughts I downloaded recently

Life can be understood to be a video game. Somewhere, our true bodies lie in a contraption that beams the contents of this world into our true self. This body in this world is just an avatar, a video game character. This smaller self is created by the interaction of our true self and the video game program, which can be thought of as God.

The code, or God, works against us to stress us. We adapt and keep playing. Our true self interacts with the reality matrix called life in two ways: first, it interacts with “objects” within this world. You might write a letter and put it in the mail to your mother. It takes a couple days of game time to get there. The second way that your true self interacts with the game is instantaneous. There is a psychic connection between all aspects of the simulation and your true self. We all have an instantaneous messaging system with each other.

This is what is known as telepathy, knowing at a distance. This is because of the differential in time taken to send a message; one system has a relative system of timing that depends on variables within the simulation. The other is a fixed, extremely fast, system of messaging. When these two systems of communication come into similar speeds, we call this intimacy. Some true selves have been working with other true selves over many different game attempts. They are bonded in a union.

The “angels” of this video game are just subroutines or non-player characters to borrow from modern video game terminology. This is why angels are thought of as lacking free will in the Abrahamic religious tradition. They are just artificially intelligent components of this video game. There are however, moderators of this system who do actually exist outside of the system. They are system administrators, or gods. They speak to the select few who are approaching graduation from the game.

One graduates when certain fundamental lessons have been absorbed into the consciousness of the true self. Life is merely a conditioning system for our true self. We enter into the video game when we are immature beings of the race of the creator. The system exists to challenge us so that we learn lessons that are necessary requirements of living in such a technologically advanced society. The individual events that happen in our lives have no real importance beyond their ability to help our true self to evolve into a mature individual who is then ready to reenter the society that is running the simulation.

Certain varieties of wine grapes must be grown under specific environmental conditions in order for them to achieve full sweetness. They must be stressed with very hot temperatures so that they overproduce certain sugars. Because of this stress, the wine that they produce tastes better than without the stress. In this way, we are like grapes on a vine. If life was too easy and non-stressful, we would not mature fully. Life has to be stressful in order for us to become who we need to be. There will never be a stress-free existence inside of the simulation. We are living inside of a gym with a very demanding personal trainer. And if we check out, we’ll just re-spawn in the same situation. I don’t know what “God” is looking for because it changes from moment to moment. The video game will give you a score, but none of us really know what that is. Click Follow for Automatic Updates!

We’re All Enrolled in The School of Life

I used to be a very “troubled” person. From the time I was 15 until about 36 years old, I had a consistent “mental health problem.” In January of 2016, I found my answer, and it was the culmination of a good deal of study, practice, and opening up. I found my peace, and I think that others can find that same peace, although it might require losing something to gain it.

My peace came by letting go of a “perfect life” or “perfect health.” I had to let go of my expectations and truly accept what was happening in my life.  I have not just “given up” if that’s what you are inferring. I am still striving for my goals, but when things don’t go as planned, it’s not really my fault, and I don’t beat myself up. The universe seems to be hard on purpose, and although I sometimes feel anxiety or anger, I am learning to have peace with this reality.

If you go to the gym, and you leave feeling sore, you don’t see that soreness as a failure. That was the whole point of going. Likewise, with your life, if you get beat up, that’s the point. This life is training or school for some higher place. We enter as little children, and through our struggle and adversity, we become spiritual adults. If you went to the gym and your trainer only put the tiniest weights on the machine, and you never broke a sweat, you’d want your money back. But when life makes us sweat, we cry that it’s totally unfair!

In modern society, we are obsessed with perfection, usually material perfection. We have created multi-billion dollar industries to give us the illusion of perfection on giant screens. But also, we seem to be constantly let down by that perfection. There is an everpresent juxtaposition of both the attempt at perfection and the revelation of human fallibility. It seems that the more “perfect” some person seems, the more jarring it is when they are revealed to be a human with flaws like everyone else.

I am not sure that everyone is capable of undergoing the spiritual evolution and rebirth that I did. To be honest, events in my life were so bad that I was forced to go deep and cut out parts of my psyche in a valiant attempt at regaining sanity. Being transgender confronted me with a ton of rejection, and so it was easy for me to cut out institutions and modes of thought that were outdated. They kicked me out, so I had to find new answers.

I could go through a “Top Ten Ways I Found Spiritual Fulfillment!!” clickbait style list, but I won’t here. The path that can be described is not the true path. Everyone has their own path for their own starting point on the giant spiral staircase of life. The one key that is utterly important is spiritual hunger. This is why Jesus said “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” In other words, if you are hungry for spiritual philosophy, you will find your rebirth and see peace.

We all have to make basic assumptions about life and reality. Most of us in the Western world assume that life can be perfected here on Earth with enough technology and smart intellectuals telling us what to do. I’m not saying that technology and intellectuals are bad, but I do not assume that we can perfect this world. I believe that there is some chaotic constant that continually throws a wrench into whatever we’re doing so that we can be challenged. I see life, not as some playground for humanity but more of a boot camp for humanity before we graduate into the “real world” on the higher plane.

I am not exempt from this challenging force that I call the chaotic constant. Even though I have had certain experiences that have freed me from many of the anxieties and neuroses of my youth, I will continue to grow as long as I’m in this world. I’ve just found how to let go and be accepting of what happens. This required a LOT of training mostly in the form of meditation but also finding the right psychedelic medications. Meditation is the practice of ignoring your brain. You sit and your brain yells “Do What I Tell You!” and you ignore it. Slowly, that voice learns that you won’t be pushed around, and it calms down, but this takes time. Psychedelics show you perspectives that are hard to get in the everyday world so that you can check yourself.

May you find the small measure of peace that I have found in my heart. If you are interested in additional information in this respect, leave me a comment, and we can dialogue about it. I learn by teaching, so I would love to work with you.

To close, think about what you expect out of your life. Is it a realistic expectation? How does it make you feel if you think about not getting what you expect out of life? Does it trouble you? If you can handle “failing” in this life, you might just lose that persistent anxiety that walks around with you. If we love what we get instead of get angry about what we don’t get, we might live lives of gratitude instead of resentment, peace instead of self-loathing.

Are we living in a simulation? Here is my model for a simulated existence.

I dashed out the below philosophical model a few months ago, and then I was just interviewed for a documentary about Simulation Theory (the idea that we are living in a computer simulation). So I guess I ought to make this draft public here:

  1. Reality is best understood to be a simulation
  2. A human can be understood using the metaphor of an eye that stares at a screen composed of a number of pixels.
  3. Those pixels can modulate to create the images that we perceive and the sensations that we feel.
  4. This collective modulation of pixels creates waves of disturbance that we recognize as “objects.”
  5. These objects are not objects per se, but are waves in a medium of the field of pixels. Imagine that you are a baseball player looking at the fans in their seats doing “the wave.” You perceive the individual fans, but you also see a distinct wave moving through them.
  6. This is akin to a whirlpool that forms in a river. A whirlpool is a distinct structure within the water of a river, but it is not separate from the river, it is merely a configuration of the medium of the river.
  7. When one stares at a television with a movie playing on it, the pixels are in effect “collapsing” into either red, green, or blue.
  8. Modern physicists mistakenly believe that there is a distinction between perceiver and “objects” in reality, but this is an illusion. There is the underlying “screen” of reality, but it is a lower dimensional projection that imitates higher dimensions of reality.
  9. There are “objects” in that we are humans, and we need to eat and drink to “survive,” but this is akin to a video game, it is not “real” reality.
  10. The simulation is teleological in that we are “trapped” in this simulation in order to learn some truth or grow into some new form.
  11. We are like plants in a greenhouse. A greenhouse is not a real atmosphere, it is a simulated atmosphere. Once we grow into a form that can live in the “real” atmosphere, we will be planted in that atmosphere.
  12. New humans are planted into our simulation every day, but we do not know how long a human has been in the simulation.
  13. Some humans are older and more developed than other humans because they have been through more trials than other humans.
  14. Eventually, when spiritual attainment has been achieved, you exit the simulation and go to live in the higher plane of existence, which is really just outside of the data center that you are in at present.
  15. One day, we will be able to create our own simulation, and we will be able to mature our young people in this simulation just as we are matured in the macrocosmic simulation.
  16. The issue of “evil” is really just beings who are new to the simulation. As beings progress through the simulation, they gradually become less “evil.”
  17. Death within the simulation is not really death, but as in a video game, it is just a “reset.” If you die in a video game, you do not gnash your teeth and moan at the horror of it because you know that it is not real. In this way, reality is not real, and when you die, you either exit the simulation or just reset in a new form with new challenges.
  18. Our bodies are akin to remote-controlled drones. We must care for them as they are the conduit and eyes into this world. We exist remotely, but we are dependent on these bodies to live here.
  19. There are “gods” in this simulation, but they are merely system administrators. Their job is to ensure that you are progressing and growing along certain guidelines. They are like gardeners in the greenhouse. We know that if you want a plant to grow better, it needs to be trimmed occasionally. When one goes through struggle, it is merely a “trimming of your branches” so that you will grow in a better configuration.
  20. The gods are best to be thought of as athletic “coaches.” When one goes to the gym and is coached by a personal trainer, the job of the coach is to stress you and make you uncomfortable in order that you grow better. In this way, the gods stress you through forces, in reality, to ensure that you mature.