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Why the “Vaccine Wars” will end in disaster and misery

I refuse to participate in the vaccine wars. I am vaccinated, and I’ve been vaccinated before for other pathogens. But I do not think this is anywhere as simple as “everyone gets vaccinated and covid goes away and we get back to life” at all. We have never had the technology or coordination to do what we are doing to society. This is an experiment in control. Here is why I believe it will fail.

There is no end to the war against death, but because death is not what people think it is, this war will end in misery for all. Most modern people are materialists and assume that there is no God. However, I have seen that we are all God, we are all infinite and eternal, and we all have lived many times before and will continue to do so. We come to Earth to experience separation from the divine so that we can focus on making a choice to serve ourselves or to serve others, which is serving God.

When we die, we return to our spirit selves as we were before we were born. It is only traumatic if one is overly attached to the illusion of Earth. If one sees that Earth is only a mirage, a thought, a collective illusion, then when one dies, we return to spirit and need not return here. If one is convinced that Earth is real and needs to be clung to, one will return here or to another planet. This is merely a school, and I would like to graduate.

Sure, we can throw everything we have at death to postpone the inevitable, but when life becomes about fighting death, there is no more life, just battle and resentment. I’m not saying there should not be safeguards against death, but where we are going with modifying everything to prevent a pandemic from doing what pandemics do, is going to end in a life of utter alienation and sadness. This will not end with COVID. Some new cause will be taken up next and those who resist will be shamed into submission.

I believe that starting in 2011, Earth received a new update to its programming, so to speak. We have entered a phase of control from a phase more aligned with freedom. This phase will last at least 2,000 years and this phase arrived like clockwork. There is an infatuation with technological control and order right now, just as there was an infatuation with church control 2,000 years ago. In the previous age, we turned over full control to the papacy and church bureaucracies in hopes of preventing calamity, but the civilizations of Rome and others died as a result. I see the same thing happening now with our current governments. The only way to achieve peace on Earth is for each person to rule themselves under a philosophy of “love they neighbor” and a code of personal morality under God. Does that make me a bible thumper? No, absolutely not. The message of Christianity and other world religions has become utterly corrupted.

Attempting to force others into being moral is a contradiction in terms. When we turn to coercion as a means of making people “better,” we eliminate the idea of better. Moral decisions require personal freedom. It might appear that there is no alternative than to force others to “do the right thing.” But we have created this mess over centuries, and undoing it is not an obvious path. It likely will need to fall apart in order to be rebuilt at this point. We are all mostly slaves to the machine at this point, and we do not have to make many moral decisions because laws have replaced morality. This leads to a situation where humans are not actually choosing to do the right thing anymore, they are just following orders. And so the moral part of them is quite atrophied and weak.

I’ve been flamed and shamed online for attempting to be moderate with those on the extremes of the vaccine war. Sure, we can win this war, but I believe that love, morality, and fellowship will be the cost. This is my perspective and opinion. Take it as you will. I’m not against people getting vaccinated willingly. But it is obvious that this is not going to be a choice much longer. Soon, we will be told to take a certain pill every day to improve our productivity or some other “solution” to the problem of the owners of society not getting enough profit. And those who picked the side of vaccine enforcement by governmental fiat will have a hard time returning to a position of personal autonomy. They have picked “Team Control” and will surround themselves with other control-obsessed people.

This is what I see. I just wanted to speak my truth. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. Vaccines are powerful tools, but right now the issue is not really vaccines. It is about control. We have controlled the world, so now we turn to our neighbors to assuage or lust for domination.