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Equinox Parade of Jaded Hipsters

I feel great fear across the land
and with no gods to hold their hands
they quiver with their lattes
grasping games, like falling sand
looking for another fix
to make reality go nix
the Disney version isn’t true
so their vision is unglued
and with decadence unfurled
we’ve been the luckiest in the world
Bold America is lost
in precious nihilism’s sauce

in order to be strong
you have to recognize
your weakness yes
but also learn to fight with verve
against usurpers, fiends, and cons
not make ironic jokes go on
and on

I think of fair Arjuna
crowing how he couldn’t fight
and Krishna with his cold derision
naming him a feckless child

The promise of America the brave
the land of milk and honey’s ways
is lies
it always was

but now our cynicism swirls around our necks
and good old boys are standing there on deck
Life is beautiful transcendence and some dreck
Get up, stand up, put the fascists into check

Our culture of violence and war cannot be ignored when we talk about school shooters

How are these school shooters any different than the official military policy of the United States? We’re the fucking school shooters of the world and then we’re so shocked!! when the chickens come home to roost. I bet the Iraqis were begging for a simple school shooting in the 2000s. Instead they had stormtroopers precipitating total societal collapse for a little bit of their oily stuff. As Americans we destabilize country after country and leave with a “whoops, sorry about that.” If you want unending war, that war is going to leak into every aspect of society. And here we are. God forbid we teach our young boys to solve problems with compassion. That would really cramp the military industrial complex’s style, and we can’t have that.